Ways to make your house green

Learn how to make your house energy-efficient to increase home value and save money.

No matter what type of home you live in, whether it’s a modern one-bedroom condo or an older Victorian charmer, your home can be more energy efficient. In the past decade we’ve become all too familiar with the terms green living, and eco-friendly.

When we choose to be eco-friendly and save money at the same time, it’s a win-win situation we can take pride in. Greening your home is a feel-good path toward home efficiency that will let you enjoy lower bills now, and make your property more attractive in the future should you decide to sell.

If you are considering any kind of home improvement, here are some simple green tips for an eco-friendly, energy-efficient home:

Heat loss from windows and doors

Did you know that 30% of energy in your house is lost through windows and doors? Prevent heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer by using double- or triple-glazed glass panes, and by purchasing windows with a ‘low-e’ coating or inert gas fills. Steel and fiberglass doors have cores of foam insulation that give them better energy efficiency than wood.

Seal of approval

Caulk, seal and weather-strip around windows and doorframes, baseboards, ducting and electrical outlets. Remember to close your fireplace flue when you’re not enjoying a fire. Install a door sweep to resist against under-the-door drafts. If you live in an older home with a stone fireplace, check for drafts where the stone or brick meets the wall.

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