Buying a Home: Your Credit

Your Credit

An important step in securing mortgage financing is the credit check. As a routine part of the application process, the lender will order a copy of your credit bureau report.

Access Your Credit Report

Because a credit report contains information about you, you have a right to inspect a copy of it. Equifax, one of Canada’s largest credit bureaus, offers you three ways to obtain your credit report:

1. Online. Order your credit report online quickly and easily with a credit card. You will get your report in real time, provided you authenticate yourself. There are three products that you can purchase online:

Equifax Credit Report

A personalized credit report including details on credit cards and loans opened in your name, companies accessing your credit file, delinquent payments and more.

Equifax Score Power™ Credit Score

A personalized credit report as well as your FICO® credit score and analysis.  You will receive:

* A full explanation of your score and how lenders view your credit risk.

* Tips on how you can improve your credit score over time.

* Custom graphs showing how you rank nationally among other consumers.

* Specific factors that most heavily affect your credit score.

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