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Hot Home Products: How to cool your space this summer

Funny that when the sultry summer days we long for in February finally arrive, many of us promptly turn on a central air conditioner to cool things down. That’s not been an option for those in homes without the ductwork needed to deliver cooled air from a central unit. Those overheated souls have often made do with noisy, bulky window units, which also offer easy access to thieves, or invested in space-hogging portable floor models that cool limited areas.

That’s changed, however, with the arrival of ductless systems. “These are a great option for those who don’t have ductwork, or who use in-floor heating or a boiler,” says Tom Keough, co-owner of the Markham-based Comfort Connections, which distributes ductless systems made by Japanese HVAC manufacturer Daikin.

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