Home Inspections Are Not Strictly For Buyers Anymore

A big trend that seems to be helping the sale of homes today is something called the pre-home inspection, which is essentially a home inspection that’s being commissioned and paid for not by the buyer, but by the seller.It’s widely viewed as a proactive approach in which the seller is laying their cards on the table by fessing up all that is wrong with their property. The thinking goes that potential buyers will see this as a benign and honest move, one which motivates them to put in an offer. And according to a national home inspection franchise company, that theory seems to be working.

“It’s definitely a growing trend here,” says Jay Gregg, director of marketing for Pillar to Post Professional Home Inspection.  “It’s pretty common in the eastern U.S. They’ve found it helps sell houses faster and for more money.”Besides helping the seller assess the true value of the property, it can also relieve anxieties the seller might have about the property.”

That’s what happened with a client of Gord Haines’.  A relative of the client had told her to replace what he suspected was knob and tube wiring. He said he could do it for $10,000. But Haines thought she should have her home inspected before agreeing to such a big job. Good thing as she learned there was no knob and tube wiring at all in her house.“A pre-inspection is good for the seller to find out about issues they may not know about,” says Haines, a sales rep with Royal Lepage State Realty in Hamilton. “Was that lady happy!”

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