Cyd and Syndy’s Story

After selling a large suburban home early this year, we moved into a small downtown condo which we had owned since 2008.

Although we knew we wanted to live in the city, we were not sure whether it would be in a (larger) condo or a house. We were also not sure about the desired neighbourhood.

We started looking with Shawn in mid-2010 when we put our home up for sale. Throughout this time, and our periodic change of mind, Shawn patiently showed us properties that we requested. He understood that we knew the pros and cons of the two options (condo vs house) and did not try to steer us in either direction. Over time we concluded that we wanted a house in the Yonge / Lawrence neighbourhood that would not require much maintenance.

The properties Shawn showed were within the tight parameters (price, age, quality, neighbourhood) and when we viewed the house that we ultimately purchased it took us no more than 20 minutes to decide to make an offer.