Toronto Life Series: Where to buy now, Part 5

Part 5: L’Amoreaux, because the suburban ideal is alive in Scarborough

Toronto Life has a great series focusing on 10 up and coming Toronto neighbourhoods. Each entry is written by Monica Warzecha with photography by Emma McIntyre. I’ll be posting one daily for the next ten days, but you can always read them all at once at

Upsizers are hearing the siren call of the city’s eastern suburbs. While lakeside communities, like Birch Cliff, have always had steady interest and competitive bidding, northern neighbourhoods are beginning to get more attention. Houses in L’Amoreaux, particularly in the Huntingwood area, fetch multiple offers. The area’s bungalows and split-levels were mostly built between the ’50s and ’70s. Lot sizes are generous, and four-bedroom homes are fairly common. Part of the district’s appeal lies in the public schools, which run a number of specialty programs. For example, Timberbank Junior Public School focuses on art education, with guest artists running workshops, such as vocal training, drumming and pottery. The area is full of green space, from the expansive L’Amoreaux Park, which has a tennis centre, to a series of smaller spots, such as Fairglen Park and Highland Heights. The Tam O’Shanter Golf Course is just a short drive south.

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