Toronto Life Series: Where to buy now, Part 6

Part 6: Blake-Jones, because of the friendly cul-de-sacs in the Pocket

Toronto Life has a great series focusing on 10 up and coming Toronto neighbourhoods. Each entry is written by Monica Warzecha with photography by Emma McIntyre. I’ll be posting one daily for the next ten days, but you can always read them all at once at

Eighteen years ago, when Jeff Otto bought his house on Ravina Crescent, at Danforth and Jones, the 15-minute commute downtown was the biggest draw. Then he got the feel of the place. “I now know every single person on my street by name,” he says. “We spend every night on our front porches.”

The village feeling is largely a product of geographical quirks. Bordered by CN Rail tracks to the south and the Greenwood TTC yards to the east, Jones is the only major entry point into the so-called Pocket (so named for its shape). Residents are devoted to greening the neighbourhood: they’ve planted a community orchard just north of the Greenwood yards, and brought in mature trees to replace diseased maples.

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