Toronto Life Series: Where to buy now, Part 9

Part 9: Wallace-Emerson, because urban tastemakers and young families are changing the neighbourhood

Toronto Life has a great series focusing on 10 up and coming Toronto neighbourhoods. Each entry is written by Monica Warzecha with photography by Emma McIntyre. I’ll be posting one daily for the next ten days, but you can always read them all at once at

With a slate of galleries, restaurants, vintage shops and cafés name checked by urban tastemakers, the stretch of Lansdowne between Dundas and Bloor is no longer risky, seedy and bypassed. It’s now not only the city’s locus of hipster culture, but a destination for families looking for a nice semi in the $500,000s. The area’s two best real-estate pockets—Wallace-Emerson and the adjacent Brockton Village—are blooming with new developments. North of Bloor, empty lots are filling up with new townhouses (including the Brownstones development on Wallace Avenue, west of Perth), work and retail spaces (like the Junction Triangle Lofts) and design-conscious condos (Upside Down, a mid-rise near Dupont aimed at young professionals).

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