Valerie’s Story

I initially was not looking for a place to buy at all!

I had recently sold my house and was actually thinking of renting for a year or so before committing to buying another property. I had in mind that my next property would ideally be a hard loft (i.e., a conversion rather than a new build) and be located within walking distance from work (within 10-25 minute from the office). I also thought that it would have to have some character, concrete floors, high ceilings and not too “customized”, i.e., something (a reasonably “blank canvas”) that I could make my own. I didn’t care about specific amenities, other than a rooftop terrace.

When I saw the condo, I thought it met all of my criteria (and more!) and therefore I seriously started considering a purchase. Shawn helped me with my “homework” in terms of figuring out an offer price. He provided a lot of information relating to recent sales and gave me a square footage analysis that was very helpful. He and I had several discussions and I realized that I had some preconceived ideas about what to offer on a condo that needed to be revisited (I was more familiar with the real estate market for houses in certain neighbourhoods and did not know much about condominiums).

Shawn made himself available and provided a lot of information on a timely basis. I thought he did a particularly good job in helping me manage the stress of the offer process. I had a very specific offer price that I did not want to exceed and in the end, I purchased the property for a price that was very comfortable to me. I also appreciated his sense of humour. Overall, I thought it was a very good transaction and I am happy with my decision.