Mary’s Story

ImageMy preferred neighbourhoods were anything within a 2-3 mile radius of Eglinton and Avenue Road.  A key need was for a terrace as opposed to a balcony.  A view was mandatory!

The condo I ultimately found suited me completely – except that it was not within my ‘neighbourhood’ criteria.  The decision to move down to the lake was a process of visiting, imagining, revisiting, re-imagining.  Every time I met Shawn somewhere, the drive south seemed more fraught.  But every time I arrived at the lake I was more drawn to the neighbourhood.

Working with Shawn was pure joy.  One of the things that stood out is Shawn’s knowledge of condo development plans.  Another is his interest in design and architecture.  Even though he sees dozens of properties a week, Shawn approached each new unit, and we looked at a lot, with a sense of curiosity and interest.