Fabric of a Nation “Distinctly Canadian weirdness” at the Textile Museum

Until September 30th, the Textile Museum has an exhibition celebrating Canadiana:

Curators Shauna McCabe, Natalia Nekrassova, Sarah Quinton and Roxane Shaughnessy mine the permanent collection of the Textile Museum, and mix and match their holdings of quilts, blankets, hook-rugs and handmade clothing with pieces by contemporary Canadian artists. This effortless-seeming combination produces a clear, broad-ranging picture of Canadiana. The works cover the country from coast-to-coast, from its settler days to now, and are certainly not free of troublesome political implication. But not only is the latter acknowledged, the didactic material actually raises the meatiest point in the whole show: that such political troubles are woven into the warp and weft of Canadian history.

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