Rhonda’s Story

I had recently put my beautiful and charming home on the market in Oakville.

It was time to move back into the city with the intention of downsizing into a condo. Although I wasn’t really thinking of buying prior to selling, I thought I’d get educated as to what was available and for what prices.  I spoke with Shawn in this regard and was grateful that he was willing to take me around without a commitment to buy.

I was looking for a two bedroom or one plus den between 1200 and 1500 square feet. I needed an extra room for my office.  I wanted something midtown between St Clair and Yorkville because I was looking for shopping convenience as well as easy access to public transportation. The condo couldn’t be too high in the sky and absolutely had to have outdoor space.

It didn’t have to be move in ready as I’m used to doing renos, and I like to put my thumbprint on my potential living space. That’s what makes a space a home!

The very first listing Shawn sent to me was the one. It had everything I had asked for and it was bright!

The price was so amazing that any idea of waiting till I sold was out the window. The place was unexpectedly inexpensive for what I wanted, which gave me the wiggle room to be able to carry it till my house sells.

Working with Shawn was wonderful. No pressure, so knowledgeable, down to earth.

The whole experience was a joy, Shawn is someone whom I’m grateful to have met.