Go ahead, buy a home somewhere exotic and move there

When the weather starts to turn and we begin to dread winter, who hasn’t thought about moving to a warmer clime? A new HGTV show is helping some families move. Called Live Here, Buy This, the first episode is with a couple from Ottawa and they get to see places in Vancouver, San Franciso and Venice.  Here’s the story:

Danielle Kiraly has, and the idea became one her production company pitched for a new HGTV show that lets families do just that. Called Live Here, Buy This, the show offers an escape, showing couples what the value of their current home could get them in far-flung spots such as Austria, Belize and more.

For Ottawa couple Flora and Mike, that meant seeing what their $650,000 Hintonburg home was worth in Venice, San Francisco and Vancouver, their top three destination choices if they were in a position to relocate.

The newlyweds are bored with life in sleepy Ottawa and have had it with the brutal winters, it’s revealed in the episode that features them.

“There’s not a whole lot to do when it’s that cold outside,” Mike says in the show.

So they were game to see what their 1,400-square-foot, three-bedroom home would get them in more moderate climates.

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