Dishy lessons from the best kitchens

When it comes to return on investment or just deriving pleasure from your own home, almost nothing is as satisfying as a great kitchen. This article names some of the pitfalls and offers some good advice for people creating their dream kitchen.

From the National Post, by Ramsin Khachi

Kitchens are almost certainly the best renovation investment in any home. What homeowner doesn’t want an ultimate dream kitchen? Achieving the perfect culinary space isn’t impossible, but you do need to plan and clearly understand your needs before you start. Since we all seem to live for the feeling of instant gratification, we often forego our due diligence.

The key factor in creating your dream kitchen is design. This is the phase during which you simply need to take your time. Make sure you consider the entire room and also think about adjacent rooms from which to possibly pinch space. Take a close look at changing traffic patterns throughout a space to accommodate your new layout — relocating a doorway could open immense design possibilities. Draw lines to emulate the paths taken through the space and ensure they don’t conflict too much.

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