Fight over 19-ft. bookshelf landed in court

Buying a home is an emotional decision and buyers have every right to expect to close on a home that’s broom swept and includes everything included in the contract. But would you take sellers to court over a bookshelf or microwave? Two sets of buyers did:

Here’s Mark Weisleder’s latest column from the Star:

When there is confusion about what fixtures are to remain in a home after closing, it often ends up in court. The lesson is to be careful and clear when you write up your contract so you don’t have to sue later.

In 2009, Mark and Denise Holland bought a house on Sherwood Road in Ajax. The listing said a “built-in” bookcase in the recreation room was included. This bookcase was 19 feet long and 7 feet high.

The couple’s offer said that all “built-in cupboards” and permanent fixtures were included in the price, but when they moved in, the bookcase was gone. The sellers said it was a mistake that it had been included in the listing and since the bookcase was not attached to the wall, it was not a fixture.

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