Frans’ Story


The impetus to begin looking was provided by unexpectedly high sales within our old building – sales that suggested a market that we might take advantage of to move us closer to a condo that would give us desired features that we had come to realize we lacked in our condo at that time.  That led us to the agent who had sold those condos.  When discussing the sale of our own condo, the purchase of another naturally came up, at which point we were referred to Shawn Venasse.

We were interested in a two bedroom apartment with a balcony, the latter being a non-negotiable “must-have”.  We already knew the geographical limits of location, those being Eglinton on the north, Gerrard on the south, six or seven blocks west of Yonge, and three or four east of it.  We had established our price limit and that started our own search on MLS.  When we spotted our present condo (just recently moved into) with a balcony, two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and a price within our budget, we contacted Shawn and asked him to arrange a first visit.

The rest is history, and here we now live enjoyably on Gloucester Street.

The process of arranging viewings and making the offer (which is a very tedious procedure) was made quite easy with Shawn’s help.  Each and every email to him – and there were many – was acknowledged and responded to in a very professional and expedient way.   He was very helpful, guiding through the process in a very correct manner during our three visits to the new condo.  He was always on time (not an easy matter in downtown), and he texted us whenever there was an issue.

In short it was a pleasant experience thanks to him.  And to be frank, the experience of buying and selling in Toronto, as well as searching the MLS, could use a lot of fine tuning.  However, once that part was behind us, the real estate agent, and in particular, Shawn, made the process a lot more palatable.