Get to know Toronto’s tallest condo

rsz_final_exterior_rendering_nov_16_2007-439x660You may have already visited Bed Bath and Beyond at Yonge and Gerrard, and Aura isn’t even completed yet!

Construction is just at 50 of 78 storeys. Here’s an interesting piece from the Grid:

Go to Yonge and Gerrard and look up. Look way, way up. The condo tower you’re looking at hasn’t even reached its final height, but at 50 storeys, it already looms high above everything else at the intersection. The tower is called Aura, and upon completion it will be the tallest and largest residential building in North America at a monolithic 78 storeys.

The super-tall skyscraper will soon permanently alter Toronto’s skyline, reaching higher than the towers of Bay Street. Even First Canadian Place and Scotia Plaza will look shrimpy in comparison at 72 and 68 stories, respectively. Built by Canderel Stoneridge, Aura is the third phase of College Park’s condos project, and was originally proposed as a two-tower structure. But after considering the effects of shadowing created by two towers, designers G+Z Architects decided to opt for a single tower.

Buzz over the Aura’s expansive views was so strong that 95 per cent of the units sold before contractors even put shovels in the ground.

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