Current Obsession: Downton Abbey spoofs and Tumblrs

Warning: Do not click the link if you take Downton Abbey too seriously!current-obsession-downton-abbey


The third season of pop period drama Downton Abbey has nearly finished its belated North American run—in less than two weeks, those of us who love the show (dreary Bates subplot aside) will begin the long wait for season four. The upside: in only nine days, we can gleefully dive in to all the Downton-related commentary and Internet silliness without fear of spoilers from loose-tongued Brits (the season ran there last year) or impatient pirates who already Torrented the show. Until then, here are some guaranteed spoiler-free bits of Internet absurdity I’ve been occupying myself with: Edith With Googly Eyes (exactly as advertised), Downton Abbeyoncé (Downton stills plus Beyoncé lyrics), Downton Sixby (Jimmy Fallon’s gleefully over-the-top yet uncannily accurate spoof) and Sesame Street’s Upside Downton Abbey (again, exactly as advertised).

Frances McInnis is an online editor at Toronto Life. She edits The Goods and The Informer.