Judy’s Story

March happy clientThe time had come for me to downsize and move from a beloved house to a space which no longer needed so much tender loving care and maintenance.  It was time to find a condo!  I very much loved my current midtown area and did not want to leave.  The location was named and Shawn went to work for me, looking for a two bedroom, two bathroom condo.

The options were found and I saw between ten and fifteen condos.  Then, one early morning visit, and there it was.  The perfect suite.  Not exactly what I thought I wanted but exactly what I found I did want – a three bedroom unit with 2 ½ baths.  The location was fantastic, the footprint was great. There is work to be done but the type of decorative work I love.

And how did you find working with Shawn?  Shawn was great.  He put my offer in and kept me up to date with all the transactions which followed.  The deal was made and now a few days later I am the happy owner of a new life style.