Why Rob Carrick is mad as hell over home insurance


Rob Carrick writes in today’s Globe about home insurance and why the premiums keep rising so quickly. A good question, but would you even consider having a home without insurance?

There are a hundred financial rituals in a year, but none I hate more than paying the home insurance bill.

By comparison, I pay any income tax I might owe with a smile. Cable and phone bills are a joy. Property taxes, a pleasure.

Home insurance is different because it’s the most out of control. Mega-size premium increases come every year or two along with not-infrequent reductions in the level of coverage. Policy holders can do nothing but pay up, or switch to a cheaper company that will inevitably close its price gap in the next year or two.

Compared to other financial products, property insurance has virtually no oversight by regulators or government. Consider banks: They were recently told they’re too big to fail and thus will come under more scrutiny from regulators than they’ve already had. A few banks get frisky with the ads for mortgage-rate discounts and the Finance Minister makes a federal case out it.

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