Kim’s Story

W2643557I was looking for a condo alternative. A small house (no condo fees), somewhere in the Toronto West area. Must haves: good light – (I am a cinematographer), walls for artwork and books, a small yard, and parking. The largest challenge was my very small budget.

We had to move out of my studio in a rental building, where we’ve lived for over twenty years. The building had been an artist live / work, 3 storey brown stone but was sold last summer.

The very first home Shawn showed us was perfect, in what one could exaggerate to be in the “Upper EAST Junction” area- very near a light industrial area. It in my price range although, I knew I would have to bid higher than asking.  I was shocked when the house went for $80K plus over asking!  We began to understand the real estate climate of this spring: Very few listings and lots of buyers competing for homes in a lower price range.

We also began considering other neighbourhoods and began looking in the west- Mimico, Westlake and Longbranch, but the bidding wars proved really competitive there as well.

Shawn showed us a lot of homes.  I bid on 4 homes before the 5th offer was finally accepted on a home in Corso Italia.  It needs a bit of work but it’s a terrific little semi – a great location, nice neighbourhood. I have big plans for that kitchen!, It’s going to be great.

The only negative thing was that the listing indicated “one parking spot”, which was a misrepresentation. So it’s street parking for now. Fortunately this isn’t a deal breaker for me. I checked with the City of Toronto after I purchased the house. I can only warn other buyers to be sure to check things out before you buy.  Even if I had known about the “parking” spot before making my bid, it wouldn’t have mattered anyway as there were six bidders competing- so offering less because of that would have resulted in not getting the house.

Shawn Venasse was so great, we really appreciated all of his help & knowledge.  I’m a first time buyer & didn’t understand anything starting out.  I bid (unsuccessfully) on the very first home Shawn showed, proving to me that Shawn “got” me right away.

Over the next couple of months we looked at everything that came on the market in my price range. Shawn was very patient!  His advice was right on and he understood our unique, challenging situation. Finally, we landed my “condo alternative” in a good neighbourhood. It was such a pleasure working with Shawn, he really came through.