Richard and Valerie’s Story

We wanted to stay in the downtown area so we could continue to walk to work. We were looking for a loft style unit with two bathrooms and two bedrooms. It also had to be at least 1200 sq ft in order to accommodate two people, a dog and a cat. One of us already lives in the building so we were familiar with the neighbourhood.

When we initially started looking two years ago, we found we had to increase our budget – it was very difficult to find a large enough unit downtown for under $800,000. But we managed to get a good deal on this unit because the seller had converted it into offices and is only partially restoring it to its original plan.

This loft we purchased pretty much fits the bill. The main difference is that we got a better deal than we were expecting, allowing us to spend some money on renovations before we move in.

It’s been great working with Shawn. He’s been very patient in showing us properties for the last two years. He has a great sense of humour, which makes a sometimes frustrating home search more enjoyable, but at the same time he’s totally professional, with great market insight and knowledge and he is excellent at what he does.