Alfred’s Story

August 2014 TestimonialThe client from hell – that would be me.

In the last 20 years, I have bought and sold over 10 private homes.  It’s a hobby, it’s an investment, it’s real work for both myself and Shawn. I live alone so I need not worry about schools, places of worship, work access, etc. When I’m looking for the right house, I worry about the investment side of my purchase and the resell value. Before deciding to sell, I do my homework, I search for the next right purchase on my own, I assess current market trends and neighborhoods, then I call Shawn.

Unfortunately for Shawn, my parameters are rather wide and very flexible. Budget is always a concern, if I overpay I will not realize the end goal. This most recent purchase probably took the most work in the last 20 years. Inventory was non-existent and hysterical buyers seemed to control the little there was to purchase, they enter auction like bidding without rationale or logic, driven by misplaced emotion fueled by unethical realtors some of these buyers are paying absurd prices in neigbourhoods that will  not sustain the base capital value of their investment.

It is imperative to work with someone who understands your values and your goals. Shawn masters the art of working with people. He is linear in his thought process, moves from left to right, he is discerning, logical and intelligent. More importantly, he listens excessively well, he is principled, will do his homework before advising you and most importantly witty with a great sense of life.   

I wanted a detached house preferably with real brick, in an A+ or A- or B+ area, with parking. I was willing to do renovations, but the total budget was 1.2M. I ended up spending $150,000. more than expected. I decided to raise my budget because out of the little there was on the market, this is the one Shawn advised to purchase, because it matched my lifestyle needs and investment goals.
I like to believe I know what I want and I know best,  and Shawn actually makes me believe I know better,  it seems I always buy what he finally tells me to buy.