Hemant’s Story

cravenformayhappyclientI was introduced to Shawn by a good friend who raved about him. Originally I wanted a small house in the west end of Toronto. I wasn’t in much of a hurry, but did feel a bit of pressure because of the soaring prices and low interest rates. Of course this was all complicated by the fact that all I could spend was $400,000.  I hadn’t decided if I wanted the house to be detached or not – it just needed to be enough for one person to handle. I also thought that I would be okay with buying a fixer upper…

Shawn sent me new listings that fit the bill on a regular basis. As one can imagine – there were very few … I quickly realized that I may need to go further a field and expanded my search to the east end as well. Shawn diligently continued to send listings and checked in throughout the process. He also sent comparables and historical listings – this came in very handy! We looked at a number of houses over about 9 months.

Working with Shawn was a pleasure. The man understands real estate in this city; and is also very good at negotiating the intensely emotional nature of house buying…  He was very supportive, and as a first time homebuyer – it was very much appreciated.  We viewed some “bottom of the barrel” houses, and he never flinched. Even when there was a possibility that we could fall through the floor…

Finally a house that was habitable and cute came up! Shawn was on point – from timely submission of an offer, liaising with the mortgage broker, checking in with the seller and really drilling down to what I was comfortable paying. Another set of buyers have commented on whether Shawn sleeps or not. I agree – he is on all of the time!

Shawn helped me get that cute house. I get to move in July onto an east end street that I have loved since I moved to Toronto. I paid slightly more than I had anticipated at the beginning of this journey – but I have no regrets. I’ll be the owner of a home I always wanted.

Now I understand why my friends raved about him.  I cannot imagine working with anyone else in the future – as a seller or a buyer (again!).