Kelly and Roy’s Story

nov2015testimonialWe hired Shawn prior to getting married.  Over the course of a number of months Shawn showed us several interesting ideas in a number of locations in and around Yorkville.  But we had not yet found that perfect place when it was time to leave the country for our wedding ceremony and honeymoon.

In the airport lounge, prior to our departure, we were made aware of a new listing.  It was perfect.  The perfect size, in Yorkville and iin a building that was highly desirable to us.  Unfortunately, we were about to leave the country for two weeks!

We contacted Shawn as soon as we landed in France, and on our behalf he approached the Seller and negotiated a deal to be granted an exclusive option to buy the unit once we had returned from Europe and had a chance to actually see it in person.

Two weeks later, we landed back in Toronto and went directly to the unit; saw it, loved it and bought it.
Shawn was essential in helping us secure the deal in very challenging circumstances and we could not be happier with our choice, both in the condo we bought and in our decision to retain Shawn to assist us in buying it.