Meggie, Susan and Adrian’s Story

36bluejayswayWe were referred to Shawn by Rina DiRisio of Oakville via Elli Davis. Rina had assisted us previously in successfully buying and selling a number of properties in Oakville over a period of twenty years, while being an absolute top performer at Royal LePage.

Considering that she may be studying for eight or more years, our daughter wanted to buy a condo within a reasonable distance (20 min via public transport) from the University of Toronto, preferably with an emphasis on newer properties around Spadina and Front streets. Meggie needed a one bedroom apartment in the 650 – 800 square feet range in a relatively secure building and a price range from C$ 290k – $ 320K all in.

As time was of the essence and I needed to fly in from New York to assist our daughter, Shawn prepared several property searches with sufficient alternatives from which we selected 3 – 5 apartments for viewing on January 15 and 16, 2016. Upon viewing three properties it became clear that our daughter preferred a Soho Residences based unit and asked Shawn to prepare offers for seller’s consideration. As communication with both the seller’s agent and the seller was problematic on account of non availability and some confusion, Shawn had to spend an extraordinary effort to get things done.

The home our daughter purchased was for her the optimum unit in a safe and preferred location and thus met all of our criteria. In addition the price, although a tad over asking, was well within our budget, including the associated costs of the transaction.

Considering that we started the purchasing process on January 15, 2016 and completed it on February 18, 2016, Shawn did an incredible job in preparing and guiding us the process in this relatively short period of time. We commend him for his incredible efforts and energy and thank him for providing our daughter with his much appreciated mentoring.