Marsha’s Story

marshaI have been interested in realestate for many many years, but had not bought anything for some time. I ran into Shawn at several different open houses and he was both engaging and knowledgeable.

When I was looking at condos, I generally called the listing agent, but Shawn had shown my son and I a condo, so when one came up that I was really interested in, I called him. As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to buy it, as I had been looking for about four years. Shawn made it happen, that night. I felt that he was both assertive and polite. I like that.

More importantly however, Shawn knew that my intention was to rent it for several years before I move in.

I know that Shawn is very busy in sales…but he assured my that he would rent it for me should I need his help. I was able to rent it, but, I know absolutely that had I needed him he would have come through. Elli came to the condo to sign
a rental agreement, but it wasn’t necessary after all.

I trust Shawn, and would definitely use him again.