TRANSFORM TO: First TransformTO Report


The City of Toronto, like many other cities in the world, has set a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by the year 2050 to help reduce the most negative impact of climate change.

Reaching this goal will require big changes in the ways that we live, travel, work and consume goods and services, which will in turn affect everything from the structure of our local economy, to the types of jobs we hold, to our education and training programs, and more.

TransformTO is a collaborative project engaging the community in achieving an 80% reduction in Toronto’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.


First TransformTO Report
The first of two TransformTO Reports will be presented to the Parks and Environment Subcommittee on Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation on November 14. Meeting agenda and details are available online. Watch the Parks and Environment Committee live at

The report will identify short-term actions to set Toronto on the path to meet our targets including our interim goal of a 30 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 against 1990 levels. A second report in 2017 will quantify longer-term transformational strategies needed to reduce emissions by 80 per cent by 2050.

Technical scenario modelling and community feedback helped identify a list of the short-term actions that will be included in the first report.  More long-term actions will be recommended in the second report in 2017. Toronto’s greenhouse gas reduction targets support provincial and federal government’s long-term goals for carbon reduction.

Equity and Climate Change

TransformTO was selected through a competitive process to host one of the first cohort of fellows in Urban Sustainability Directors Network (USDN) Building Diversity Fellowship program.  USDN sponsored TransformTO to hire a fellow for the summer of 2016 to complete work linking issues of social equity and environmental sustainability.

The TransformTO Engagement & Equity report created through the USDN Building Diversity Fellowship offers valuable advice for TransformTO going forward on how best to engage marginalized and equity-seeking groups in developing climate action plans and designing and implementing climate solutions.  Key findings include more localized outreach initiatives in different areas of the city; more visual communication; the centering of community and lived-experience; highlighting connections between climate and social issues; and participatory carbon budgeting

Take a look at the Equity and Engagement Report!

Credit: CBC

TransformTO Talks with Modelling Advisory Group

TransformTO advisors have a lot of multi-sectoral expertise in the areas of carbon reduction, social equity, health, and economy. Toronto Atmospheric Fund is interviewing group members to weigh in on different ways carbon reduction can impact our city, and their advice will help to inform our process. The first in the series of interviews is with urban planner Sean Hertel on social equity and transit. Read the full interview here.

More information about TransformTO is available at