2017 Hot Home Decorating Trends

Are you planning to redecorate in 2017? 

Photo: © Andy Dean – Adobe Stock Photo
Fields of Green

Green is the go-to color of 2017, and every shade is a winner. Cheerful, bright green will be showing up as a splash of natural fun in living areas and kitchens, while forest green will be popular in bedrooms. You’ll also see yellow-green accents used throughout homes.

In the Navy

Black was once the trendy color for a sophisticated background, but that honor has shifted to navy blue. Navy is not quite as intense as black, and it pairs well with trendy greens and cool blues.

Jewel Tones

Color makes a regal statement in 2017. Look for a lot of jewel tones, especially in the bedroom. Emerald green, royal purple, sapphire blue, and garnet will all make an appearance.

Mixed Patterns

Décor will be more eye catching this year than in recent times. Fabric pieces, from throw pillows to comforters to sofas, will be made in mixed prints. Small florals will be paired with large, and you’ll see stripes and polka dots thrown in as well.

Black-Framed Glass Doors

Doors that are framed in black and steel will be popping up in interior and exterior styles. Many are divided into geometric shapes, and the glass may be frosted for privacy.

Matte-Finish Appliances

A contemporary kitchen no longer has to include highly reflective stainless steel. This year, decorators are trading those industrial appliances for something a little more subtle. Refrigerators, dishwashers, and other large appliances can still be silver but with a muted matte finish rather than a high-gloss shine.

Tiled Walls in the Kitchen

Tile has always been a popular choice for kitchen floors, and many homeowners love a tiled backsplash above kitchen counters, but tile is taking on new territory in the kitchens of 2017. This year you’ll see entire kitchen walls covered in tile. Put it behind your breakfast nook or on a wall as you enter the room.

Flat Fridge

Traditional refrigerators stand out several inches from the kitchen-counter line, but that’s changing. Look for refrigerators that are flush with the rest of the kitchen, creating an illusion of a lot more space.

Colorful 1950s-Style Kitchen

If you prefer a retro look to your kitchen, you’ll be pleased to know that 1950s-inspired colors and styles are a popular choice. You’ll see small and large appliances in pink, yellow, and turquoise along with rounded top refrigerators and other throwbacks to the ’50s.

Faux Marble Tile

Marble tile has always been associated with elegance, but the real stuff is expensive and can stain. Get the same look with faux marble. It’s trending this year in flooring, backsplashes, and countertops.

Hanging Chairs

Hammock-style hanging chairs are moving indoors. Set up your living space with a chair that is suspended from the ceiling. These fun accents can look like a wicker birdcage or just a strip of fabric, and they can attach to the ceiling with hardware or hang from a frame.

Vanities from Repurposed Furniture

Bathroom vanities are getting creative. This year’s home project is turning an old dresser into a vanity for the bathroom by adding plumbing and cutting a hole for a sink. A bowl sink sitting on top is also pretty, especially in a small bathroom or powder room.

Wood-Tile Floors

Tile made to look like wood is a wonderful alternative to real wood floors. Today’s wood tile looks just like the real thing, and it’s a DIY project most people can handle. You can also get creative and use wood-tile planks to create fantastic designs in your flooring. Put wood tile in any room of the house; it looks great in kitchens and bathrooms as well as living rooms and bedrooms.

Look for this underused material to make a big splash in 2017. You’ll see walls of cork in the kitchen and in home offices. It’s perfect as an idea board or for hanging family photos, and its understated look offers a sense of simplicity and fun. Cork is even being used in flooring and furniture.


Beautiful copper is making a comeback anywhere you would typically see decorative metal. Copper furniture is warm and inviting and remains modern in style. Copper bathroom and kitchen fixtures give a warm, cozy vibe to farmhouse kitchens and simple spaces.

Subway Tiles
Subway-style tiles were once considered a boring choice, but they are now being used as a backdrop in all kinds of projects. This year, you’ll see clean-looking subway tiles on the backsplashes of modern kitchens and in otherwise minimalist bathrooms, adding texture and personality.

Acrylic Accessories
The popularity of acrylic is on the rise as people are seeing what is great about a barely noticeable material. Use acrylic pieces to hold everything in your bathroom, from your makeup to your toothbrush. Use it in your home office for your files, your phone, and even your tape dispenser. When you really fall in love with the look, buy some acrylic chairs for your breakfast table.
The world keeps turning and trends keep changing. Let these popular home decorating ideas spark your imagination as you update your space in 2017.