DIY remodels are a dime a dozen on the internet, but it’s hard to pass up sharing one with such an amazing before and after. Imgur user, mysacrifice, and his father decided they were tired of having a shabby shed that looked like it might be a hiding place for Freddy Kruger’s slightly scarier cousin. With some skill, determination, and the appropriate materials, they created something which could potentially put She Sheds to shame!

It took a few days, a hammer, an angle grinder, and some tin snips to knock off the stucco and cut away the wire meshing that kept this “beauty” together.

The next step was to create a basic blueprint of their vision. This siding measurement accounted for a little waste, as they decided it was safer to over order the materials than not have enough.

Step by careful step, the wall replacement began!

Once the wall was completed, a pergola was constructed to add to the seating area. 2x4s were used for the construction so things wouldn’t look too bulky. Here they were bracing and leveling the main columns.

Perfectly fitting these notches with a circular saw, hand saw, hammer, and pry bar was probably like trying to shave with scissors. Still, with a bit of ingenuity they were able to get the job done.

That alone was worth some congratulations. Why not take it a step further?

How about some railing made from split 2x4s? Now that’s a complete seating deck.

You know, natural lighting is just what the doctor ordered to make a shed more lively. Especially when a friend has a free window you can use.

Once the cut was made, sweet sunlight was able to make their day.

The frame and window were fairly simple to install.

Some simple wood stain was used to seal the siding. One coat was used for protection, and later on a second coat was applied to the front to darken the wood.

The house wrap was carefully stapled up, and then the siding was tacked in place with deck screws on each end. More screws were applied later to secure the siding. After the job was finished, they had quite a bit of extra siding.

The extra siding was used to create a matching cover that hides the waterfall pump and filter for their koi pond.

Wow. Now that’s how you turn a shanty-town shed into something that adds relaxation, style and property value to your home!