Benefits of Selling Your Home In Winter

Benefits of Selling Your Home In Winter: Is it the Best Time? | Elli Davis
There is a common misconception that listing your home for sale in the winter real estate market is a poor choice. You may have heard that the snow does not show your home well, or that people are not as motivated to view properties on colder days. However, there are actually many benefits of selling your home in winter.
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Serious Home Buyers in Winter

Believe it or not, but homebuyer data shows that people who go house hunting between the months of November and February tend to be very motivated in their search. Homebuyers who are looking in the winter months tend to move faster in the purchasing process than those who do in spring or fall! So not only will you have excited homebuyers, but you can be onto the next chapter in your life before you know it.

Fewer Lookie-Loos

The great thing about winter is that the inclement weather brings out the best of the best when it comes to showings. In winter weather people prefer to stay home as much as possible. With holiday preparations afoot and slippery roads, you will feel secure that those who do make the trek to view your house or condo are the serious shoppers you were hoping to meet. While it is true that in general in winter you will have fewer viewings, rest assured that those who do come to view your home are serious about buying it!

Buyers Are Less Restricted By Neighbourhood

People who look to buy homes in winter have the advantage of casting a wider net to find their dream home. People who house hunt in spring or summer tend to be families who are reluctant to pull their kids out of school mid-year. Homebuyers in the winter tend to either be individual buyers, couples or families without school-age children. Whether your home is off the beaten path or located in a bustling neighbourhood, people searching for homes in this time of the year will take every listing in their price bracket into consideration – even if it is not in their ideal Toronto neighbourhood!
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Less Competition in Winter Real Estate Market

One of the greatest benefits of selling your home in winter is that there is less competition and better odds of you selling your house or condo. With fewer properties on the market, sellers have more control – giving you the ideal situation when selling a home.

Get a Better Price For Your Home

With more serious shoppers and fewer homes on the market, sellers have a greater chance of not only getting quick offers on their home, but multiple offers and more money for the home!
As you can see, there are many benefits of selling your home in winter. Just because the pool of properties to choose from is smaller does not necessarily mean that homebuyers will feel they must wait until spring to find their dream home. Often, homebuyers searching for a property in winter are more determined to find the perfect place and are willing to explore neighbourhoods they might not have originally considered in an effort to find their dream home.
Due to a smaller number of listings, there may even be several offers on your home, meaning you as a seller can reap serious rewards. If you are interested in listing your home this winter, please feel free to message me – I would love to get you the best price for your home!

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