Interior Design Trends 2019:
Transform Your Home

Interior Design Trends 2019: Transform Your Home | Elli Davis
Looking back at the year of 2018, top interior designers evaluate which designs were most popular and anticipate what might be a big spark in the coming year. I am very excited to share this information with you because I understand how important it is to make your space feel fresh. By introducing even just one or two of these key interior design trends 2019 you can turn your home into a statement piece.


It’s safe to say that the beautiful Scandinavian style minimalist design trends have dominated the world of interiors these past few years. And while 2019 predicts Scandinavian style, it is also predicting mixing pieces from different periods and styles that will add more body to a space.

Mid-century Italian

When people think of mid-century modern furniture they think of sleek teak storage pieces. But mid-century Italian furniture is actually a very different beast. Stores such as CB2 are already introducing hints of mid-century Italian as one of their top interior design trends 2019. Imagine bold colours, delicate lines and curved furniture, while still maintaining the flare of mid-century modern

Primary Hues

We’ve gone through the entire colour spectrum in two years. In 2017, interior designers were boasting dusty pastels, and this year we preferred deep jewel tones. It is predicted that in 2019 what will truly shine will be bold primary colours – something that will compliment mid-century Italian furniture very well.

Mushroom Lamps

Once an iconic look, these sculptural fixtures are fully back on trend. Whether you are into the vintage models a la Oluce Atollo circa the 1970s or you want a reimagined modern take on them, we are convinced your home will be lit with sophistication.

Sustainable, Handmade Pieces

Tapping into the maximalism look while still ensuring that every piece holds lasting value and sentiment is the new trend of sustainable handmade pieces. Look for décor pieces made with materials like clay, jute or rice paper. These grounding elements will make you feel more in touch with the earth in your own home.

Light Coloured Floors

People are seeking a home that is light and airy; having dark coloured floors is the opposite way of going about that. Dark colours will define a room and can often make it appear smaller than it is. Instead, opt for shades of birch, beachy white, light oak, even grey wood that can easily transition from casual to luxurious without sacrificing comfort.
As you can see, the interior design trends 2019 predictions look like a healthy evolution of what was beloved in past years. You do not need to completely redo your home to be able to emulate an elegant and on-trend look. Painting a room can completely change its look and adding a few key pieces to it that are specific to these trends can make you fall more in love with your home. Alternatively, if you are considering selling your home in the upcoming year, staying on top of trends will excite potential buyers as they can envision how they may want to decorate their future home.

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