As a homeowner, you may find yourself getting the itch to mix things up. There are so many options for revamping your home, ranging from remodeling to purchasing a new accent chair. However, if you aren’t quite ready to make a big investment, one of the most cost-effective, do-it-yourself options is to give your home a new coat of paint!

Once you’ve decided to jump into your new project, you’ll need to pick your colors. With so many choices out there, how will you decide? Here are a few unique recommendations for 2019 that we love!

Coral. This warm, lively color adds a fresh pop of color to any room and can be paired with gold accent décor, other warm colors like golden yellow, or even other tones of pink.

Gray-Blue. Going for a soothing feel that is still unique in nature? Gray-blue is a calming hue that is not overpowering. Try introducing navy, silver, or dark wood accents that complement the color.

Clay. Create a room inspired by nature by using clay-colored paint for an accent wall. Then bring in tan furniture, live plants, and natural green-colored décor to round out the room.

Hunter Green. Deep green tones are a popular trend because, like clay, it helps bring the outdoors in. The color is gender neutral and pairs well with various metal accents and a large spectrum of other colors, such as blues, yellows, and purples.

Teal. This out-of-the-box hue is a great color choice for a bathroom or bedroom. The cool tone inspires relaxation and pairs great with light brown or pink for a softer look or black or navy blue for a crisp take.

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