A bit of outdoor spring cleaning will prepare you for the season and make you feel good about spending time in your yard and garden. Getting your outdoor space cleaned up and ready for Spring can really get you motivated to plant, pot and grow your favourite herbs and vegetables. Preparing your yard takes some work, so here are some tips and tricks to help you make the most of your spring-cleaning project.
PROJECT 1: Clean Out the Shed

You’ll feel good reclaiming space that has been cluttered with seldom-used equipment (tip: make some extra cash by selling items in good working condition). Removing cobwebs and grime may inspire you to repaint and put up new shelving, which will improve the functionality of the space.

Time commitment: One day

What You Need:

  • Garbage bags (for a particularly cluttered shed, rent a disposal bin)

PROJECT 2: Wash the Deck

A mildew-free deck will be enjoyed all season long. Proper maintenance extends the life of your deck, saving you money on repairs and replacement.

Time commitment: One afternoon

What You Need:
  • Oxygen bleach (to remove mildew stains)

*Do not use on cedar decks.

PROJECT 3: Clean the Fence

Simple maintenance saves you money by extending the life of your fence. Different cleaning products and methods may be required depending on your fencing material.

Time commitment: An hour to one day, depending on the size of your fence.

What You Need:

PROJECT 4: Clean Patios and Walkways

Winter salt residue, leaf stains and plant litter between pavers and sidewalk sections give walkways and patios an unkempt appearance. Eliminate this debris for an instant upgrade.

Time commitment: One day

What You Need:

PROJECT 5: Prep Flower and Vegetable Beds

It may be too early to get seedlings into the soil but tidying any leftover mess from last growing season and working manure into the soil early on will make your garden ready for planting sooner and save you time once the growing season begins.

Time commitment: Half a day

What You Need:

Storing Cleaning Products

·        Always keep cleaning fluids out of reach of children. Storage cabinets that can be locked are perfect for keeping cleaners stored in the shed out of harm’s way.Flammable items should be kept out of direct sunlight and enclosed sheds that can get hot. Spills must be mopped up immediately. Pets and children can be attracted to pleasantly scented poisonous cleaning products.Wait until the last frost date in your area before storing cleaning products and plant food in an outdoor shed as freezing can reduce their efficacy.