Luxury Décor Home Ideas

What embodies a luxurious home? A home that is beautiful to look at, incredibly functional and opulent all at once. This combination is not always easily achieved, but with the help from this collection of luxury décor home ideas you can transform any home into the most lavish one in the neighbourhood.
Smart Home Technology
Anything that can make your home life more automated is a must-have in a luxurious home. Having a smart thermostat that is programmable by phone is great for the environment as well as the aesthetic of your home. Pair it with smart lightbulbs throughout the home so you have the perfect balance of light in your room no matter what. Other smart home technology to include are smart appliances (fridges that will tell you when you are running low on milk, washing machines that let you pop in a forgotten shirt) and a smart speaker to connect everything to your voice for the times you can’t find your phone.
Outdoor Oasis
Your backyard should be just as immaculate as your home’s interior. Upscale living should also be evident in the outdoor spaces used to entertain and relax; and may include a pool and a fully stocked outdoor kitchen. A barbecue is cute, but instead of having to trek into the house to prep all your food, how decadent it is to have a sink and stainless-steel food prep area, as well as a small fridge for extra nibbles and drinks. Top it off with a changing cabana so that you will not drip water all over the house when you get changed and you will be ready to wine and dine al fresco in a classy way!
Games And Theatre Rooms
Here are two luxury décor home ideas you will not want to miss. Everyone loves to entertain, but in order to impress, luxury homeowners will want to entertain in the most exclusive way possible. Anyone can get a ticket to see a movie at the theatre, but in your own private movie room you can enjoy the show in comfortable chairs that recline and have tables built into them so you do not have to hold your popcorn while watching a 4K movie with surround sound. You can decorate your home theatre however you wish, and with smart technology it will be incredibly easy to use.
Games rooms may be somewhat common among middle class homes, but to take it one step further you can develop a portion of your backyard into a basketball court (not just adding the hoop at the end of your driveway) or you can design an indoor pool. For those who enjoy sports from the sidelines, turn your entire basement into a decadent sports bar filled with arcade games, large televisions and abundant liquor storage.
Spa Washroom
No one has the time to go to the spa every day, but we all want the experience of getting away and unwinding as often as possible. You can create a sumptuous spa washroom with an oversized walk-in shower that has several shower heads or by installing a huge soaker tub by a private window.
Dressing Room – His & Hers
A walk-in closet is nice, especially if it is a larger one, but if you want your home to be the height of luxury you need a room that is exclusively for you to dress in, and another for your partner. Imagine walls of cedar shelves, a stunning vanity for you to apply your make up, several racks for your shoes, purses and neckties. Your own runway – in a room!
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