How detached homes in the GTA are making a comeback!

Anyone paying attention to the Toronto real estate market over the course of the last 2-year or so has been very aware that detached houses have not been selling like they were in 2016 and early 2017. (That is before the Government of Ontario stepped in with various questionable legislated attempts to slow the market down – and boy did it work.)

This slow down and even dip in market for some parts of the GTA (like most of the 905 and even parts of former Etobicoke etc) has been fairly impactful & ongoing. That is until just recently! According to recent market data, it seems that the domination enjoyed by condos has started to ease and detached homes have once again begun to rally not in terms of sales, but also in terms of rising prices.

Here is an article that goes into greater detail on this phenomenon for your reading pleasure and edification:

Further insight into this recent market shift can be found here: