Today is a Skills Market

In today’s ultra-competitive real estate market where there is only 1.7 months supply of inventory compared to 6 months in a balanced market, and the average home is getting 4.8 offers per sale, it is more important than ever to have the right person "champion" your cause. In the Middle Ages, it became customary for a person of nobility to appoint a "champion" to fight … Continue reading Today is a Skills Market

Existing Homeowners May be Facing Higher Payments

As a current homeowner, you may be basking in the consolation that you bought before the market got crazy with higher prices and interest rates. However, it doesn’t mean that you may not be facing higher mortgage payments for next year. Most homeowners pay their taxes and insurance into an escrow account with their mortgage payment.  The lender monitors the account to be sure there … Continue reading Existing Homeowners May be Facing Higher Payments

Homeownership and the Three M’s

Homes are valuable assets and must be maintained so they function properly, are safe, enjoyable and hold their value.  Attention to maintenance, minimizing expenses and managing debt & risk will protect your investment. Maintenance It is interesting that people understand the necessity to maintain a car and regularly have the car inspected, repaired and do regular maintenance.  Even though a house could be worth many … Continue reading Homeownership and the Three M’s


The following personality quiz, albeit intended solely for entertainment purposes, is fairly intuitive in helping you to determine just what kind of real estate is best suited to your personality. So, have a go at it and let me know what you think of the results? And, of course, if I can be of any help with your search for somewhere to live — buying, … Continue reading WHAT KIND OF HOME SHOULD YOU LIVE IN?

Happy Mother’s Day

Contact.LetterSalutation} Wishing a special day to all mothers and those who love, nurture, and make us feel safe. Shawn Venasse Sales Representative Sotheby’s International Realty Canada 1867 Yonge Street, Suite 100, Toronto ON M4S 1Y5 c 647.250.9937 | t 416.960.9995 | f 416.960.3222 Visit My Website                      This transmission contains information that may be confidential and that may also be proprietary; unless you are … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day


Toronto Real Estate Market Results for April 2022 The April 2022 Toronto and GTA real estate sales data is in and there is a big dip in all the numbers as compared to March 2022, but they are still way up year-over-year. Here below are the latest results courtesy of the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board: TORONTO: GREATER TORONTO AREA: Here is the full report … Continue reading IN LIKE A LAMB AND OUT LIKE A LION

Will Selling Your Home Increase Your Tax Bill?

With home prices rising 20% nationwide in the past year and in some markets, even dramatically more, many homeowners are excited about the equity in their homes.  In the past, most homeowners were not concerned about profit from the sale being taxed but some may be surprised. The profit homeowners make on the sale of their homes have enjoyed a generous exclusion.  Since 1997, for … Continue reading Will Selling Your Home Increase Your Tax Bill?

Buying a Home…Ask for a CLUE Report

People purchasing a used car have most likely heard of CARFAX vehicle history reports to help them avoid buying a car with costly hidden problems.  Less likely are buyers to know that there is a way to discover some of the repair history of homes they are interested in. Lexis Nexis C.L.U.E. (Claims Loss Underwriting Exchange) is a claims history database that enables insurance companies … Continue reading Buying a Home…Ask for a CLUE Report

Coordinating the Sale and Purchase of Your Home

Usually, it is easier to buy a home than to sell a home but that isn’t necessarily the case currently. In today’s market, it can be scary to sell your home before buying another because you could find yourself without a home. Most sellers will not accept a contingency on the sale of a buyer’s home in today’s market.  So, let’s look at some of … Continue reading Coordinating the Sale and Purchase of Your Home

A New Opportunity for Homebuyers

You may not have heard of anyone assuming an existing mortgage for over thirty years and didn’t know they were even possible any longer.  The reason is simple, it didn’t make financial sense but now that interest rates are increasing, it may be an opportunity for some homebuyers. Conventional loans added clauses to mortgages back in the early 80’s that gave the noteholder the right … Continue reading A New Opportunity for Homebuyers