How Canada avoided housing ‘bubble and crash’

The Canadian housing market has managed a rare feat, TD Bank says, avoiding both a “bubble and a crash” over the last three years as the sector gyrated wildly. In a report from its economics department Thursday, the bank said that the Canadian housing market has pulled off a soft landing and likely hit bottom in July. And having pulled off that rarest of feats, the bank now expects “modest price softness for the next year.” Click here for the full article Understanding Market Conditions

Consider the emotional side of your reno

Even a small home renovation is more than just the physical construction – there’s an emotional side to consider. Homestars published a great article that helps to illustrate what really happens during a renovation. The day demolition takes place is overwhelming. Most homeowners aren’t prepared for the dust that flies. When an essential part of your home is not available, it forces you to change your habits. Something as simple as getting your morning cup of coffee is completely interrupted when you have no countertops or cabinets for a coffee mug. Click here for the full article

Break coming on peak hydro pricing – next spring

It’s cold comfort now, but running the air conditioner and other appliances will cost less starting next May when the Ontario government cuts evening power prices two hours earlier, at 7 p.m. The change in rates for about one million Ontarians on smart meters and time-of-use pricing will be announced Tuesday by Energy Minister Brad Duguid as he sets out a new long-term energy plan, a senior government source told the Star. It follows last week’s announcement from Premier Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals—under constant fire for rising hydro rates—that consumers will get a 10 per cent price break on their bills […]